Where Have All the People Gone – Recruiting Unskilled and Semi-Skilled Labour

Unskilled and semi-skilled labour has long been seen as a replaceable, expendable resource. These days, factories and construction companies face as much difficulty in recruiting general labor as they do in finding IT talent.

Our e-book examines the challenges and solutions for recruiting unskilled and semi-skilled labour.

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Get Your Share of Top Tech Talent

Your small business relies heavily on technology innovations to grow and thrive, but you need skilled talent to continue moving forward. Big name tech companies, such as Google, IBM and Microsoft, devote substantial resources to bringing in the top IT talent. The high salaries, name recognition and perks offered by industry leaders create a difficult recruiting environment for small businesses. Many graduates flock to tech centers such as Silicon Valley, leaving markets in other regions struggling to fill jobs.

Our e-book shows you different ways to attract Top Tech Talent and get them working for.

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You Can’t Get Rich as a Recruiter When You Work for Someone Else

You’re a great recruiter, but your income has hit a wall. It doesn’t matter how many hours you put in or how many new skills you learn. You might get the odd raise here and there, but you know that you aren’t getting the credit and recognition you deserve.

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