Frequently Asked Questions: Employers

Here are the most frequently asked questions Donaldson & James receives from employers.
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We hire in multiple industries with a heavy focus on industrial and technology recruitment.
Donaldson & James uses a multi-platform approach to talent sourcing with a heavy focus on inbound recruitment using social media and email marketing along with networking in our local community. As a global player, we also bring talent into the Canadian market using the Fast Track Initiative and the Go North Campaign to bring gifted foreign workers to companies.
We are a turn-key employment solutions company, meaning you do not have to worry about recruitment, screening, testing, referencing, or payroll services for 3 months upwards. This off-sets your company costs and frees up time for you to focus on areas of your business that are meaningful to you.
We use a consultative approach to recruitment and custom-tailor a plan for your needs. That said, we do have the capacity to provide candidates as quickly as within 24 hours.
Absolutely – we are specialists in high-volume hiring completing the entire staffing for many manufacturing facilities.
We are a full-suite employment solutions firm. This means in addition to hiring resources, we can provide services such as Record of Employer, HR Consulting, Business Administration, Payroll, etc
We absolutely can – D&J has offices from the West to the East Coast and we’re expanding offices throughout the United States as well.
Yes, we provide temp placement services to companies across Canada.
Feel free to book a free consultation with our experienced recruitment directors here.
Yes, we do confidential hiring on our clients’ behalf.
We absolutely recruit for permanent hires as well.
Donaldson & James provides a solid payroll service – it’s a feature we offer to our clients, franchisees and affiliates.
We do not provide employee benefits; however, all employees of D&J have the option of purchasing a benefits package of their choice at a discounted rate with multiple coverage options.
Yes, Donaldson & James believes in equal opportunity.
The time frame depends on the role. With ASAP orders, we generally can have a short-list of candidates within a 24hr time frame.
D&J is an industry leader in international hiring and recruitment. We have recruiters globally, have consultants who are working on the Fast Track for hiring international IT workers and we can assist you with the legal and logistical aspects of international talent acquisition.