Resources for Associates

Download Direct Deposit Forms

You have two choices when setting up a direct deposit account with Donaldson & James. You can bring in a void cheque, or you can fill out and submit a direct deposit form from your bank.

Here are some links to Direct Deposit forms from several major banking institutions:

For PC Financial, sign in to online banking and print a direct deposit form from the Special Requests section and fill it in. When you receive your President’s Choice Financial bank account cheques, mark one “void.” Give the voided cheque and your completed form to your employer. Tell them you’d like your pay to be deposited directly into your account.

If you do not see your bank listed above, please connect with your banking institution directly or present us with a void cheque.



Industrial Associate Timecard (PDF)

The Donaldson & James Employee Handbook
(Associate Orientation & Health and Safety Manual)

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